Sunday, July 28, 2013

Faith in humanity?


First of all, I want to show my appreciate to people that still reading and visiting my blog frequently. I'm so sorry that I can't write too much recently. I have been attending SHS since July and got many tasks.
I go to school at 6'o clock and get home at 3 pm. It pretty exhausts me. When I have club schedule, I will be home approximately at 5 pm. Moreover, my school always give the student tasks! What's weekend?
So please forgive me of not replying your comment/stumbling on any blog this month and on but I promise that THIS IS STILL AN ACTIVE BLOG
I'm still receiving your cooperation(for sponsor) and absolutely will make a post for every item you send to me.


1. I was thinking about how racism is everywhere. And this is one of the most shameful history of my country, Indonesia : May 1998's riot
Where racism turn into human blood and sexual frenzy. It's so brutal. I feel so sorry for the victims. Let's pray for them although it has been 15 years.

I also pray for peace to come to other troublesome country!

By the way this is the Chinese campaign picture of 1998's riot brutality toward Chinese race. This picture is so disturbing and pitiful but I will still post it so you know that racism is not good.

2. Cory's death
Before I feed you with my speech, I want to express my condolence and sorry for
Cory, his girlfriend and his fans.

Okay. So I don't know who the heck is Cory before this news. I am not a fan of glee. But his death BOOMING story is pretty annoying.

The first reason is because he's died of... overdose? Does it mean that he uses drugs?
And all people(no. Actually his fans) pray for him and expecting him to be an angel. (I read someone's tweet here)

This is really disturbing. When you're an actor/actress/public figure that's dying of drugs, everyone will feel sorry and expect you to be in heaven. Meanwhile if you're just one unfamous, lowborn and not a public figure- dying of DRUGS- Everyone will deprecate you and tell you "That's what you got of using drugs", "You're such a loser that can't solve your own problem' blablabla

That's such a pitiful truth in our logic

I'm not being sentimental of his death, but people should get over this attitude: Assuming your idol as GOD/GODDESS/ALWAYS RIGHT

People are more likely to defy their idol than their nation. When their idol do something bad they will say : sorry for the ..., idol is STILL human and they do it not perfectly. DON'T JUDGE

Come on

You can be a fans of someone but there's not law to prohibit you to criticize their bad action.  Don't always defy them! It will get them worse. 
I hope every fans can be open-minded. 
Common people that is using drugs also need our help and prayers.

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