Sunday, July 8, 2012

Quality of A Day

Now I'm 14 years 2 days old. I realized how I wasted y day yesterday by lazying around as my network device got some crashes. Today I bought new device <3 it's much better now. I should respect and appreciate time more. I couldn't take my French course yesterday and it made me boring.Fulfilling life especially youth with useful thing now! yeah


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I really hate some accesories that I got and my shoes that easily get damages. I have repaired it but yah... it;s trashy stuff now

I always say that I dont buy the name,I buy the design.But yeah from this,I realize that Fabrics,stitching technique and quality of a product must be considered too. I really hate every  brand that sells expensive trashy stuffs. Spending my money for something vain is inappropriately my style:/

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